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We helped our clients realize their vision for this remodel within their budget, by focusing on a couple sweet spots. The outcome is a stunning, airy home that honors its 1910 Victorian identity while embodying the modern soul and eye of its style-conscious owners.

Our design reflects the Japanese aesthetic ideals of beauty through simplicity, and intentional use of space. The material palette is accordingly limited and refined, with honed Carrera marble, pale grey custom cabinets, black steel and painted accents, and bleached and whitewashed red oak floors.

The aforementioned sweet spots are the open kitchen and dining area. These spaces enjoy sweeping views of the Bay, gained by advising the client to remove a pair of ramshackle utility porches off the rear of the building. A new lower level required excavation and structural upgrades, adding a family hangout area, laundry and bathroom. The rest of the house enjoyed a renewal via modest but well executed refinishing and details.

For energy efficiency and sustainability the building envelope was heavily insulated, enabling the house to be heated by a single, freestanding, high-efficiency gas fireplace in the dining room. We placed new operable windows and doors in strategic locations to provide passive cooling.

The process of building this project was as delightful as the design phase. We were lucky to work with a small, experienced, craft-oriented construction team who had exquisite attention to detail and executed with a high level of refinement.



BBA Team

Bonnie Bridges


1,000 SF


Fine European Construction


Metalworker: Chris Jordan Metal


F. Jason Campbell

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