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Trou Normand is a bar, butchery and a restaurant in one. Moody and romantic, yet rough around the edges, it’s the second endeavor of SF’s venerable Bar Agricole team. The Trou Normand vision merges the ideals of an early 19th century Boothby-inspired cocktail with a distinctively modern meat program.

A modern riff on the beauty of Art Deco, the design employs distilled details with bold commentary.  We kept the brick and concrete bones of the building, and layered on wood and leather design elements to set the tone for the comfortable, inviting nature of the establishment. We began our design process with a thorough study and conceptual analysis of period art, entertainment and interpretations, which led us to a robust, integral, sensory materials palette.

The space is on the ground floor of an iconic Art Deco high-rise in downtown San Francisco designed by Timothy Pflueger, which is undergoing a complete interior remodel (including our design for Lumosity’s office on an upper floor). The space extends outside to a patio with new steel and glass trellis, providing shelter from the rain and a clear view of the historic building towering above.


Trou Normand

BBA Team

Seth Boor

Bonnie Bridges

Sarah Fucinaro


2,600 SF


Terra Nova


Structural: DCI + SDE Engineers

Food Service Consultant: KRBS


Bruce Damonte

Studio BBA

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