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Well-organized, open, food centric and friendly. These attributes—based on Thumbtack’s office culture—shape all the workplace environments we create for the company.

Our brand-infused design approach is adapted for each new location, using curated moments specific to the built context and region. We have worked as part of the same architecture and construction team on all three of Thumbtack’s build-outs, now a well-oiled machine: the previous HQ, Utah Campus and this HQ.

Thumbtack’s rapid growth and expansion plans instigated their move to this much larger space—the entire 6th floor of 1355 Market in SF’s Mid-Market tech district. Meeting the aggressive 5-month timeline and limited budget for this space demanded a massive undertaking by everyone involved.

The previous tenant left a well-appointed build-out, which enabled us to re-purpose some elements and focus the budget on a few strategic moves. But it also posed challenges—mainly how to shift the vibe from an existing starkness to the casual, tactile, familial atmosphere that would feel like home to Thumbtack.

Focusing on flow and finishes for the public areas, we sourced new furniture and lighting throughout. In the employee dining area we enlivened and warmed up the mood by adding a strong geometric tile face to the main food service station, maple butcher block as the food prep surfaces, and wood enclosures to hide the kitchen equipment.

In the work areas we developed seven neighborhoods of 30-50 workstations in relation to the company’s seven core markets: events, home, lessons, wellness, business, crafts, design and web. Thresholds and furnishings were placed to delineate and abstractly reflect these sectors.

Strong trust and complimentary roles are the foundation of our great, collaborative relationship with Thumbtack—addressing the owners’ needs with Studio BBA’s vision and design objectives.


BBA Team

Bonnie Bridges

Anand Sheth


80,000 SF


Principal Builders


Project Manager: CRE Group

Furniture: Inside Source


Jasper Sanidad

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