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The Mill is a new joint venture café, from the hearts, minds and hands of Josey Baker Bread and Fourbarrel Coffee.

In the collaborative spirit of much of Studio BBA’s work, the making of The Mill was a true collective design and construction process. The target inspiration for this design was “everyone’s first San Francisco kitchen” – that initial bright, messy, warm space that came with your first real apartment. It was probably at the very end of long Victorian, maybe in The Mission. It probably had good light even though the laundry porch was in the way. It was where all your friends crammed together during parties, and the place you probably spent the most time on weekend mornings.

A mixed palette of woods—white oak, doug fir and ash—with white-on-white finishes is inspired by, and meant to inspire the feel of, the welcoming, homestyle kitchen. Natural light filters from the multiple skylights through the ceiling beams to the café tables, and is concentrated over the bakery and barista work area through a custom light soffit. Reclaimed douglas fir cabinetry and white wall tile both follow a herringbone pattern, subtly articulating the space.


BBA Team

Bonnie Bridges

Seth Boor

Sarah Fucinaro


2,300 SF


Roman Hunt, Jeremy Tooker & Crew


Millworker: Alex Palecko


Bruce Damonte

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