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Each Sightglass we’ve designed over the years has had its own inherent character and opportunities, on top of which we layer the radiant, warm, tactile brick-and-mortar brand we developed for them. And this 100+ year old Edwardian was no exception.

A chic storefront now welcomes coffee-lovers—the result of a lengthy change-of-use permit process and structural upgrade. Reminiscent of a 1950s eatery, we lovingly restored the divided-light clerestory windows, commissioned steel doors with related glazing details, and added a walk-up service window.

Inside the café everything is new, and highly customized, as is the case with all our Sightglass cafés. Tailormade chandeliers and fixtures, fittings, joinery, furniture and barista equipment contribute to a fine tuned, attentively detailed environment.

Material and finish choices blend inspiration from various eras to create a sophisticated aesthetic—the ‘old world’ hand-chopped mosaic tile floor, mid-century tapered wood detailing, neoclassical plaster and grey Fume limestone, and turn-of the century utilitarian metal components. The cypress used throughout the interior is single-source; literally from one tree.

Continuing our banquette concept from Sightglass 20th, this one was designed with bays and channel tufted leather backs—and with the comfort for various size groups and wheelchair accessibility in mind.

A full-height merchandise shelf with pastry case and iced bottled beverage display distinguish the coffee bar. For the bathroom wall tile we designed a ‘wallpaper & wainscot’ pattern, and replicated this decorative motif in custom accessories and mechanisms. Modern systems such as radiant floor heating, LED lighting and a hidden ADA lift are seamlessly integrated.

BBA Team

Seth Boor

Bonnie Bridges

Anand Sheth


1,750 SF




Structural: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

MEP: MHC Engineers


Bruce Damonte

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