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We began working with this client in early 2011 on a two-phase renovation of their property—a multi-unit residence located on an amazing site at the top of Pacific Heights. Phase One addressed two priorities:  mending systems and detailing from previous work performed at the time of purchase, and creating a new, south-facing, garden apartment from a former storage space. An additional benefit of this clean-up phase was that it allowed us in-depth time to get to know the building and the client.

After that initial mending was underway, we dove into the more substantive transformation of the property, to make it into the place the clients had envisioned at first sight. While they were tempted to continue on a path of phased work, the team stressed that the design and construction process would be stronger and more efficient if we tackled it holistically, in order to achieve the desired quality throughout the five-story structure. And so it was.

A complete gut and redesign of the top two floors—the owners’ unit—enabled us to create a home worthy of its address:  an elegant entry, large, formal entertaining spaces, a gourmet kitchen, family room, library and roof decks. Throughout the process, the words semi-formal, elegant and comfortable guided our decisions.

The building facades received a complete face lift of integral color Italian plaster, restored terracotta keystones and new lighting. The formal front garden and cobblestone driveway complete the picture.

A few months prior to completion, a strange twist of fate required our clients to relocate to London for three years. In the interim, the house was rented to Louis Vuitton during the America’s Cup, who described it as the perfect spot for hosting their clients as well as providing an elegant living situation for the two full time hosts.



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Bonnie Bridges


3,695 SF


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