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Mazarine Coffee exemplifies a passion for coffees from around the world and a pursuit of the perfect cup, and pays homage to its namesake Bibliotheque Mazarine­—the oldest public library in France—with communal space for reflection, inquiry and interactions. Visually, the patterning of tiled alcoves in the café subtly mimics the rhythm of library shelving.

Mazarine is also a deep shade of blue, which in nature is embodied by the Mazarine Blue butterfly. Studio BBA selected a palette that took its cue from this vibrant hue, adding complimentary colors in the space to create a warm, inviting, positive atmosphere.

The refined materials chosen to define the café: marble—tile, wood and brass—are intentionally in contrast to the exposed, raw texture of the base building. A leather-backed banquette provides seating for patrons having a quick coffee or bite, while communal tables in the back of the café offer space for larger gatherings, meetings and longer stays.

BBA Team

Bonnie Bridges

Megan McGuinn


1,500 SF


Peacock Construction


Kitchen, Restaurant + Bar Specialists


Nicholas V. Ruiz

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