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Lumosity staff spend their days creating fun brain games to challenge core cognitive areas, such as memory and attention. They chose our absolute favorite Timothy Pflueger building in San Francisco for their headquarters, which has a gorgeous art deco exterior.  In homage, we specified divided light windows to reference the building’s patterning, and set a more casual interior tone.

With a strong, connected, collaborative culture in place, it was paramount that we create a community feel throughout the three floors of their new, larger offices, to maintain opportunities for employees to cross-pollinate, while looking ahead toward the company’s further growth.

The first and second floors contain reception, work stations and small meeting spaces. Modularity drove the work station space planning, creating a rearrange-able puzzle of open desk spaces that can easily accommodate expansion.

The uppermost floor is open and used for large meetings and as a lunchroom where the entire company can share a meal, with a bar for weekly happy hours. As you can imagine, this company has the need to use their brains creatively, in order to be in tune with their product. Special areas on this floor include a large collection of board games with space to store and to play, a library that serves as a quiet work area (including secret, rotating bookshelf door), and an area for ping-pong, foosball, and on-screen gaming.


BBA Team

Bonnie Bridges

Seth Boor

Sarah Fucinaro

Anand Sheth


36,000 SF


Skyline Construction


Interiors: Geremia Design


Matthew Millman

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