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Credo Beauty hired Studio BBA to design a flagship store that embodies their mission­—providing a transparent, welcoming way for people to access authentic natural beauty products—and that radiates their down-to-earth, inclusive, friendly culture. Studio BBA looked to the rejuvenating feel of gardens and greenhouses, combined with the comfort of a parlor, for further inspiration.

The expansive, operable glass storefront beckons visitors into the store’s generous entry alcove and open interior. Added skylights illuminate the space, making visible the whole store from the street.

Neutral wall surfaces in textured plaster create a warm, comfortable environment that keeps the attention on the people and products within, punctuated by pops of Credo’s brand color and a few unique sculptural plants.

Seasonal, changeable display casework and shelving is modular and has the flexibility to evolve over time, to accommodate varied stocking strategies and new product development. Mobile beauty stations and a more intimate seating area at back allow for personal consultations.

BBA Team

Bonnie Bridges

Stephanie Griffith


1,400 SF


Jeff King & Company


Brand Identity: Hatch


Nicholas V. Ruiz

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