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The Cazadero House was designed as a weekend getaway for an adventurous couple that needed a place to land when escaping the city and their busy lives.  The existing house was modest and full of potential. The 2.2 acre heavily-wooded downslope lot gave small glimpses to the Russian River and protected the existing 2 bedroom/1 bath “west county shack” – meaning no insulation, leaky roofs, and a do-it-yourself post-block foundation.  With confidence, vision, and an allowance for fun, the owners engaged Studio BBA, seeking to remodel the small house into a small home with an awesome “backyard”.

A long, modern fence screens and safeguards the house from the nearby street intersection; the threshold at the gate presents the first hint of the view.  Strategic and thoughtful landscaping was performed to maximize the view corridor, widening the angle of sight from 30 degrees to 90 degrees, while maintaining the site’s sheltered feel.  Tent spots, hammocks, raised vegetable garden beds, a regulation horseshoe pitch, a hot tub, a water feature, an exterior shower, a patio, and a fire pit populate the landscape – providing ample opportunities for outdoor living. In our eyes, the site is a series of outdoor rooms that make the small house feel and live larger.

Only 100 square feet were added to the existing footprint of the house, but the main part of the residence was restructured to be more welcoming and view-centric.  An expansive great room with a wood-burning fireplace reaches out to the views and invites everyone to sit and enjoy.  Conversely, the bedrooms are tucked into the back for privacy.  A small but luxurious bath with a soaking tub connects to a private patio and outdoor shower, bringing this indoor/outdoor home full circle.



BBA Team

Bonnie Bridges


1,400 SF


Larry Horne Construction


Hogan Land Services


Studio BBA

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