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    HUMANGEAR HQ SAN FRANCISCO Human-centric design and scale is vital to this industrial design company’s ethos and product development process, making them a great match for BBA and the fundamental importance that human experience plays in our studio’s design approach. For their HQ we created a place where their values, production and office culture coexist as one—with a deliberately laid back, collaborative, welcoming and industrial vibe. Humangear’s historic brick and concrete building was originally built as an auto-body shop, and had gone through many iterations over the years. Our mission was to uphold its original character and authenticity of use while modernizing it for 21st century business, so we started by polishing the concrete slab, refurbishing wood trusses, sandblasting the walls. The workshop is front and center to highlight their design development practices; where they prototype, problem-solve and refine their products. Beyond that a large open office area occupies the heart of the interior, where custom-built ‘desking islands’, clad in reclaimed douglas fir, provide hubs for staff collaboration. The main ‘desking island’ enjoys a natural canopy—a nucleus of large planters that support an indoor tree and greenery…and hints at the building’s most unique asset, the rear courtyard. An oversized roll-up garage door in the back wall, framed by a vibrant blue staff lounge and kitchenette, leads to a connected open air space that we transformed into a truly magical modern oasis. The light-filled, private park-like setting features varied areas of landscaping and casual work spaces, including a custom banquette and firepit. Back to Projects page Client Humangear BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Seth Boor Size 6,700 SF Contractor Barker O'Donoghue Collaborators Landscape: Sculpt Gardens Photography Cesar Rubio Back to top


    LITTLE GEM ON UNION SAN FRANCISCO Building on the success of their flagship on Grove Street, Little Gem came back to Studio BBA to design their second location on Union Street. Unlike a formulaic roll out, we guided the owners and chefs through a new process that allows for authentic character in Cow Hollow to emerge while staying true to the core design values we developed in Hayes Valley. The design goal was to transform the former burger restaurant from a dark cave to a light-filled, comfortable places that reflects Little Gem’s core values: natural, reliable, comfortable, with a focus on quality ingredients. Immediately we began to carve out opportunities for light and life to flood into the space; riffing off the iconic green plaster “volume” in Hayes Valley, we located an anchoring full-height tile wall, washed with daylight, between the main bar and the rear dining room. This separation allows for intimidate dining in a fast-casual setting, and artfully obscures a required structural element in the building. This powerful gesture inferred the spatial program: an efficient kitchen with a variety of welcoming dining experiences. The front dining room is bustling and active, with custom furniture and a wall sculpture made by the chef himself! The bar is refined, offering an elegant moment to engage with a bartender across marble and doug fir. The rear dining room is reserved for conversations, bookended by light-washed tile, a custom banquette with the perfect lumbar cushion in leather. The collaborative process is featured through custom art and steel plant shelves. It’s a gem of a restaurant, focusing on the pleasures of dining and the use of quality, local materials – a direct reflection of Little Gem’s ethos. Back to Projects page Client Little Gem BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Megan McGuinn Size 3,000 SF Contractor Upcycle Builders Collaborators MEP: MHC Engineers KEC: Trimark / Design West Partnership Photography Eric Rorer Photography Back to top


    MOJA COFFEE VANCOUVER Moja Coffee’s new café is a neighborhood living room where the community and baristas can share espresso and daily conversation together without pretense. Owners Doug Finley and Andrew Wentzel were inspired to create a local place that offers an egalitarian, communal atmosphere for enjoying coffee, as they had experienced in their travels through Italy and Africa. Not only a café, Moja will serve as a roasting and packaging facility—a 12 kilo Probat roaster lies at the heart of their operation, visible within the café as well as from the outdoor patio. Located in an historic, corner building amidst the thriving arts corridor of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, the space is characterized by industrial simplicity. The layout of the café balances the need for efficiency and organization on the production side, with the desire to foster seamless interaction between patrons and staff. A steel shelving armature provides area for retail display, while a band of wood cabinetry, accessed by rolling ladder, fulfills the pragmatic need for storage. The new architectural elements crafted from locally sourced woods and original brick wall feel warm and familiar, grounding the light-filled, clean and crisp character of the overall space. Back to Projects page Client Moja Coffee BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Stephanie Griffith Size 1,300 SF Contractor Collaborators Architect of Record: Allan Diamond Architect Photography Studio BBA Back to top


    THE PLANT CAFÉ ORGANIC - MONTGOMERY SAN FRANCISCO Focused on serving local, organic, seasonal creations to a high-traffic, hungry FiDi crowd, this large café is the result of combining two adjacent restaurant spaces. The build-out required a focus on creating an efficient customer experience and well-organized staff work areas, to support their busy breakfast and lunch hours of operation. Studio BBA interjected our value for materiality into the airy white shell, adding texture, mood and human scale. To bring warmth we clad the existing 18’ ceiling in douglas fir wood, and designed a maple window counter and custom maple and steel casework. Subtle decorative elements include dimensional Heath tiles and Kreme wallpaper, designed and made in California, and a concrete floor appliqué. Custom planter boxes and wire trellis at the windows will support climbing vines to green the space. Devising the menu display became our team’s favorite detail on the project. We created a custom steel framework operated by electric winch. The apparatus sends the menu high up for visibility when posted, and easily facilitates bringing the whole assembly down for menu changes. Back to Projects page Client The Plant Café Organic BBA Team Seth Boor Bonnie Bridges Megan McGuinn Size 3,300 SF Contractor Northern Sun Associates, Inc. Collaborators MEP: MHC Engineers Food Service Consultant: Robert Yick Company Photography Nicholas V. Ruiz Back to top


    WAXMAN'S SAN FRANCISCO In conjunction with the renovation of Ghirardelli Square’s historic Mustard Building we were tasked with designing this 400-seat restaurant space, to be outfitted for the urban gourmet. The program featured an indoor-outdoor connection and open kitchen, with an overall purposeful, informal feel. In the studio, we tasked ourselves with reconnecting Ghirardelli to modern-day San Francisco in an authentic, relevant way. We all love the building’s original, rough beauty and favored elevating its aesthetic with respectful, subtle interventions. Two new glass storefront ‘porches’ were added on the north face—to extend the restaurant’s footprint and bring the vibrant, sophisticated bar scene into view, showcasing the original rustic brick as a backdrop. These porches open onto an adjacent plaza via a series of tall doors, under an existing deck, and were made to resemble similar vestibules added in a 1960’s renovation of Ghirardelli’s campus in keeping with historical preservation guidelines. The simple, elegant floor plan humanizes the enormity of the space by creating two dining rooms around a central kitchen, and tucking the back-of-house functions in an accessible but discreet area. The limited mix of neutral and local materials includes white oak floors stained to match the old factory floor, Heath tile, and beautiful walnut and cypress woods. Custom, utilitarian hardware was created to reference the landmark building’s history, setting and back-story. Back to Projects page Client Waxman's Restaurant BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Anand Sheth Size 8,600 SF Contractor Terra Nova Industries Collaborators Landscape Architect: HOK Fabricator: Kyle Minor Design Photography Mariko Reed Back to top


    28TH STREET SAN FRANCISCO This expanded home exuberantly expresses its owner’s artistic style, rooted in her passion for texture and pattern. A master of craft and color with a background in textiles, art and photo styling, she is also part of the Studio BBA family as our materials librarian. Designing her family’s home was a highly collaborative process that was deeply rewarding and inspiring. Located on a very steep street, the original structure was leaning downhill 14” along with its neighboring houses. To stabilize the home and make space for ground floor and under-deck additions, we embarked on an exciting process of careful demolition, shoring and pneumatic leveling to bring all the properties as close to level as humanly possible. The incrementally slow cranking of 1” per hour took an entire day. The interior is a balance of 1910 Victorian coziness and modern great room lifestyle. We completely transformed the main floor living spaces by removing a partition wall and adding a large exterior door to the new deck—achieving an expansive openness and bringing in tons more daylight. We were also able to add key functionality for the family, with a full bath on the main level and a new bath on the upper level. The latter is washed in gorgeous west light, and is a combination of simple luxury and kid-friendly utility. The whole house benefits from new radiant heating and passive cooling systems. The rear yard is equally transformed, featuring a deck with cedar wall of built-in seating/planting and pop-out for grill on the main level. The new lower level guest suite opens onto an intimate patio with dog shower and potting bench, and enjoys a connection to the stunning and unusually large garden. Back to Projects page Client Confidential BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Lyda Cort Size 1,800 SF Contractor Blair Burke Construction Collaborators Landscape: Groundcover Landscaping Photography F. Jason Campbell Back to top


    DREAMING BIG WITH GROUND OAKLAND We often have clients find us through the myriad of hospitality projects that we have done over the years . . . where people connect the dots of their favorite Bay Area places (and their ability to foster deeper human connections) back to us. It is endearing and humbling and sometimes surprising, as is the case with these speculative projects for Binta Ayofemi and her non-profit, Ground. Over the course of two years, we worked with this artist to create the master plan, the collages and the architectural backbone for her ambitious artistic vision. You can see the results of one such project at Commons in Oakland. The others live on as dreams for a fairer future in which the flow of global capital emerges from the ground where ideas are born. Back to Projects page Client Binta Ayofemi, Ground BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Anand Sheth Vishnu Balunsat Size Varies Contractor Unbuilt Collaborators Binta Ayofemi Photography None Back to top


    FLORA GRUBB GARDENS SF SAN FRANCISCO A garden mecca for design-savvy plant lovers, our design for Flora Grubb Gardens created over 12,000 sq. ft. of park-like nursery. To complement the outdoor garden displays, seating areas and “Potting Bench”—where customers create their own plant projects—the elegant galvanized-steel structure houses 6,000 sq. ft. of indoor commercial retail and a Ritual Roasters café. We supported the client from the inception of this project, helping her transition and grow her business into a destination retail experience from its more modest former iteration as a boutique neighborhood nursery in the Mission District. Sustainable design is integral to the architecture, including a PV solar array that provides 100% of the garden’s power and radiant heat and sends the extra back into San Francisco’s power grid. Other environmentally friendly materials and approaches include 25% fly ash concrete, re-purposed barn wood siding, maximal use of day-lighting, and display fixtures made from old chicken feeders. Through our longtime relationship with Flora Grubb, we continue to collaborate frequently with the Gardens’ landscape services on other Studio BBA projects. Back to Projects page Client Flora Grubb Gardens BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Seth Boor Size 5,200 SF Contractor Bali Construction Matarozzi Pelsinger Collaborators MEP: MHC Engineers Photography Sharon Risedorph Marion Brenner Studio BBA Back to top


    MAZARINE COFFEE SAN FRANCISCO Mazarine Coffee exemplifies a passion for coffees from around the world and a pursuit of the perfect cup, and pays homage to its namesake Bibliotheque Mazarine­—the oldest public library in France—with communal space for reflection, inquiry and interactions. Visually, the patterning of tiled alcoves in the café subtly mimics the rhythm of library shelving. Mazarine is also a deep shade of blue, which in nature is embodied by the Mazarine Blue butterfly. Studio BBA selected a palette that took its cue from this vibrant hue, adding complimentary colors in the space to create a warm, inviting, positive atmosphere. The refined materials chosen to define the café: marble—tile, wood and brass—are intentionally in contrast to the exposed, raw texture of the base building. A leather-backed banquette provides seating for patrons having a quick coffee or bite, while communal tables in the back of the café offer space for larger gatherings, meetings and longer stays. Back to Projects page Client Mazarine Coffee BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Megan McGuinn Size 1,500 SF Contractor Peacock Construction Collaborators Kitchen, Restaurant + Bar Specialists Photography Nicholas V. Ruiz Back to top


    TURTLE ROCK HOUSE LOS ANGELES We share a love for the poetry of architecture and its relationship to natural landscapes with the enthusiastic family of four for whom we designed this ground-up, peace-infused southern California residence. Every room in the house enjoys natural light and ventilation, many of which utilize skylights to mitigate the need for artificial light during the day. An expansive great room acts as a central point of connection and interaction for the family, and provides common access to the personal spaces: an acoustically-isolated music room, a home office with framed vista of the park, a studio space, and the bedrooms and bathrooms. The house is oriented to appreciate the site’s bucolic urban and rural views as well as the bordering park, with the massing and form of its main volume embracing the adjacent greenspace. A lush, native front garden contrasts the smooth, modern façade in texture and color, engaging street life while maintaining privacy. Around the back of the house, ample space for outdoor living is connected to the interior through full height walls of glass doors and windows, framed by the warmth of consistent wood and stucco planes. Back to Projects page Client Confidential BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Size 3,000 SF Contractor Mike Mckay Construction Collaborators Structural: Wickstrom Structural Engineering Geotechnical: Mission Geoscience, Inc Soils: Bagahi Engineering Inc. Civil: Incledon Consulting Group Photography Bruce Damonte Studio BBA Back to top

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