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    THE MILL SAN FRANCISCO The Mill is a new joint venture café, from the hearts, minds and hands of Josey Baker Bread and Fourbarrel Coffee . In the collaborative spirit of much of Studio BBA’s work, the making of The Mill was a true collective design and construction process. The target inspiration for this design was “everyone’s first San Francisco kitchen” – that initial bright, messy, warm space that came with your first real apartment. It was probably at the very end of long Victorian, maybe in The Mission. It probably had good light even though the laundry porch was in the way. It was where all your friends crammed together during parties, and the place you probably spent the most time on weekend mornings. A mixed palette of woods—white oak, doug fir and ash—with white-on-white finishes is inspired by, and meant to inspire the feel of, the welcoming, homestyle kitchen. Natural light filters from the multiple skylights through the ceiling beams to the café tables, and is concentrated over the bakery and barista work area through a custom light soffit. Reclaimed douglas fir cabinetry and white wall tile both follow a herringbone pattern, subtly articulating the space. Back to Projects page Client The Mill BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Seth Boor Sarah Fucinaro Size 2,300 SF Contractor Roman Hunt, Jeremy Tooker & Crew Collaborators Millworker: Alex Palecko Photography Bruce Damonte Back to top


    CREDO BEAUTY SAN FRANCISCO Credo Beauty hired Studio BBA to design a flagship store that embodies their mission­—providing a transparent, welcoming way for people to access authentic natural beauty products—and that radiates their down-to-earth, inclusive, friendly culture. Studio BBA looked to the rejuvenating feel of gardens and greenhouses, combined with the comfort of a parlor, for further inspiration. The expansive, operable glass storefront beckons visitors into the store’s generous entry alcove and open interior. Added skylights illuminate the space, making visible the whole store from the street. Neutral wall surfaces in textured plaster create a warm, comfortable environment that keeps the attention on the people and products within, punctuated by pops of Credo’s brand color and a few unique sculptural plants. Seasonal, changeable display casework and shelving is modular and has the flexibility to evolve over time, to accommodate varied stocking strategies and new product development. Mobile beauty stations and a more intimate seating area at back allow for personal consultations. Back to Projects page Client Credo Beauty BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Stephanie Griffith Size 1,400 SF Contractor Jeff King & Company Collaborators Brand Identity: Hatch Photography Nicholas V. Ruiz Back to top


    BRUCATO AMARO SAN FRANCISCO A distillery, tasting room, and restaurant that is in progress (under construction) for Brucato Amaro. Size: Contractor: Collaborator: ​ CCI Acies | MEP Banks Landl | Lighting Design Canopy | Project Management Photography: Client Website: Brucato Amaro Design Team: Samantha Buckley Bonnie Bridges Back to Projects Back to top


    24TH STREET SAN FRANCISCO Back to Projects page Client Confidential BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Size 4,115 SF Contractor Moroso Construction Collaborators Structural: Semco Engineering Solar: Occidental Power Plumbing: Plumbworks Photography Stephanie Jaeger Studio BBA Back to top

  • CUB

    CUB UTAH The clients purchased this beautiful and secluded parcel of land in the red rock country of Southern Utah 14 years ago when they fell in love with the area. After acquiring one of only a few water permits in 2008, the clients turned to Studio BBA to design a C.U.B., a "Camp Utah Base," that maximizes the natural experience while providing a simple and comfortable place to call home-away-from-home. The design task was to create a base camp from which to venture out - returning at night to a place that provides the same feeling of expansiveness as the red rock valley. Through our process, we discovered new ways to create a luxurious home without the distracting and artificial elements that appear all too often in homes surrounded by nature. Studio BBA achieved simple luxury through subtle design moves and strategic plans for passive cooling and natural light. The new home provides ample room for the clients and a few guests to enjoy the calming interiors, connecting the valley through wind, view, and sounds. The multiple decks allow for outdoor living in every season. Conceptually, the two wings, one public and one private, are connected by what we call the "knuckle" - a shed-shaped entry space that connects the gable geometries of the two wings. We preserved the natural pinion pine and juniper in the landscape and integrated various sustainable design elements (PV array to provide 90% of power, site orientation to maximize passive cooling and natural light, and efficient framing with TJI's) to ensure this home is effectively and consciously situated in its natural environment. Back to Projects page Client Confidential BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Size 1,650 SF Contractor Paul Brown & Sons Construction Collaborators Structural: Shen Engineering Cabinets: Nathan Morrell Cabinets Photography Studio BBA Back to top


    TARTINE INNER SUNSET SAN FRANCISCO Tartine Inner Sunset was instantly inspired by The Park, we have occupied the gardens ourselves for many years in many ways. This restaurant serves as the perfect post-park picnic – a hospitable extension of the constructed natural resource that anchors the neighborhood. The entry sequence is purely romantic – like entering Golden Gate Park, it’s the way “in” that sets the tone for your journey. Patrons enter through an existing roll-up door (relic) into an open-air walled garden with an aperture through the ceiling (surprise). Indoor vs. outdoor is a construct we don’t need – so we use every visual and tactile clue to blur the boundary: high ceilings and various skylights add loftiness to the greenhouse and are grounded by exterior tongue-and-groove siding and polished concrete floors. Studio BBA was engaged to design Tartine’s fourth Bay Area restaurant while we were constructing The Manufactory LA , allowing for the emergent process of design to shape this new space (a former roofing warehouse with a rich history ). We are continuing to iterate these ideas within their next location in Berkeley, in construction now. There is nothing to “roll out” and no mandates on continuity, only the desire to approach our circumstances with strategy and authenticity. New custom elements relate via a play on white, with accenting materials pulled from The Sunset District. White factory-sash storefronts, sliding doors and the one-off pastry case evoke a greenhouse’s utility, and subtly nod to the custom details we developed for the Manufactory LA. Black & white terrazzo is ubiquitous in the neighborhood, used on stoops and window sills all over, and now used in the restaurant as counters and custom furniture. The back of house is as important; the intricately dialed-in details are flooded with natural light. Vibrant poppy-colored tile is installed to reference terracotta planters filled with California’s flora. Back to Projects page Client Tartine Bakery BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Megan McGuinn Size 2,958 SF Contractor Echo Summit Construction Collaborators MEP: Acies Engineering Structural: Degenkolb KEC: Myers Rest. Supply, Inc. Photography Eric Rorer Photography Back to top

  • 1275 MISSION TI

    1275 MISSION TI SAN FRANCISCO The building owner at 1275 Mission sought us out for our experience working with numerous design-savvy tenants (including Clever HQ just down the block.) They trusted us to create an office interior with its own voice and presence, while leaving room for the future tenant’s personality and culture. Part of this building’s history is somewhat of a mystery, with rumors of a speakeasy and other possibly dubious uses, which lent the project a level of fascination and intrigue. On the factual side, we do know that it served as various offices to support forms of technology (tools, sewing machines, early computers), so it seems fitting that a tech company might call it home. All this mystery inspired us to reveal only selective glimpses of the building’s original brick, concrete and wood. Unexpected discoveries during construction were spontaneously kept to underscore this idea, including a ghosted imprint of the old roof stair in the open workstation area. Black, white and gray surfaces add a sophisticated contrast to these exposed moments on the main and top floors, and provide a neutral backdrop for the new tenant’s brand palette. On the lower level we used a patterned layer of gray stucco to enliven the lounge area. And the former basement access from the sidewalk, referred to by the client as the “speakeasy stair”? …that space has been preserved in a secret cabinet for the new tenants to ponder over during happy hour. Back to Projects page Client Tenant Improvement BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Anand Sheth Size 9,000 SF Contractor Wynne Partners Collaborators Structural: Element Structural Engineer MEP: MHC Engineers Photography Nicholas V. Ruiz Back to top


    MISTER JIU'S SAN FRANCISCO Our design for Mister Jiu’s 2-story Chinatown space — originally home to one of SF’s oldest and longest running restaurants — reflects the spirit of chef/owner Brandon Jew and his inventive contemporary Chinese food. The concept naturally leaned toward the duality of yin and yang, dark and light, which we reinterpreted as a modern interior inspired by its cuisine’s lively energy, and embedded with references to its deeply rooted history and culture. The first step we took was to relocate the restaurant’s entry from Grant Street’s bustle to the cloak of Waverly Street. Akin to modern-day Hong Kong alleyways that frame their destinations, this brings visitors in from a sheltered passage to the dim reception and bar areas, and gives a composed glimpse into the light-filled dining room beyond. It was important to the chef that the dining room feel bright and refreshing. We took inspiration for the palette of green, teak and varied textures from the aesthetics of tea growing, and Guilin’s iconic Li River, with accents including a parquet tile pattern, and repurposed lotus chandeliers and brass pendants. The large elements of the space were made simple, to create a quiet visual field and add elegance — with tone-on-tone plaster, painted walls and custom teak tables. Mister Jiu’s kitchen is huge and robust by San Francisco standards, and is truly the heart of the space. Open to the dining room, it offers diners and restaurant staff the same experience — views, high quality finishes, spaciousness, thoughtful organization — so they may equally enjoy their experience and time in the restaurant. Back to Projects page Client Mister Jiu's BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Size 5,000 SF Contractor C&C General Engineering, Inc. Collaborators Sculpture: Beth Naumann Landscape Art: Afton Love Photography F. Jason Campbell Back to top


    CAZADERO CAZADERO The Cazadero House was designed as a weekend getaway for an adventurous couple that needed a place to land when escaping the city and their busy lives. The existing house was modest and full of potential. The 2.2 acre heavily-wooded downslope lot gave small glimpses to the Russian River and protected the existing 2 bedroom/1 bath “west county shack” – meaning no insulation, leaky roofs, and a do-it-yourself post-block foundation. With confidence, vision, and an allowance for fun, the owners engaged Studio BBA, seeking to remodel the small house into a small home with an awesome “backyard”. A long, modern fence screens and safeguards the house from the nearby street intersection; the threshold at the gate presents the first hint of the view. Strategic and thoughtful landscaping was performed to maximize the view corridor, widening the angle of sight from 30 degrees to 90 degrees, while maintaining the site’s sheltered feel. Tent spots, hammocks, raised vegetable garden beds, a regulation horseshoe pitch, a hot tub, a water feature, an exterior shower, a patio, and a fire pit populate the landscape – providing ample opportunities for outdoor living. In our eyes, the site is a series of outdoor rooms that make the small house feel and live larger. Only 100 square feet were added to the existing footprint of the house, but the main part of the residence was restructured to be more welcoming and view-centric. An expansive great room with a wood-burning fireplace reaches out to the views and invites everyone to sit and enjoy. Conversely, the bedrooms are tucked into the back for privacy. A small but luxurious bath with a soaking tub connects to a private patio and outdoor shower, bringing this indoor/outdoor home full circle. Back to Projects page Client Confidential BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Size 1,400 SF Contractor Larry Horne Construction Collaborators Hogan Land Services Photography Studio BBA Back to top


    SAN ANSELMO HOUSE SAN ANSELMO Our clients (a landscape designer and a video producer) came to us because they love Flora Grubb Gardens. Although it is not a house, they were inspired by the way the architecture and gardens flow together and create a variety of creative and comfortable places within a well ordered and structurally expressed building. The challenge they gave us: transform a tiny, vintage 1940’s ranch house in San Anselmo into a long-term family home that takes advantage of the south facing 2-acre lot with amazing views of Mount Tamalpais. With a young family on a street full of kids, we popped up the entry to create the new double-height volume that welcomes neighbors and helps anchor the house on the steep downslope lot. Inside, we combined small spaces to create an expansive great room with exposed douglas fir beams, hand-hewn wood floors, and a multi-slide pocket door. The airy space opens onto to a cedar deck and enjoys generous southern light and views of oak-studded Marin hills. From the main level skylit hall, a new stair leads to the new lower level (formerly a crawl space) with direct access to the garden. The gardens, patios, and deck flow together as one outdoor living space via paths and stairways. Simple, local materials on the interior include new and reclaimed douglas fir and aged white oak, complemented by board-form concrete retaining walls and darkened steel. Special wood details throughout lend warmth and unique personality throughout, conceived through an enjoyable, collaborative process with the clients, consultants, and contractor. As the house is located within a Wildland Urban Interface area, only non-combustible materials were used on the exterior, and the trees on the site were carefully protected from construction activity. Sustainable systems were integrated inside and out, including radiant heating, a passive cool sink, permeable pavers, bio-swales, bioretention areas, and a green roof. Back to Projects page Client Confidential BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Stephanie Griffith Size 2,800 SF; 2 acre lot Contractor Christensen Construction Timberline Builders Collaborators Civil: Pope Engineering Structural: Double D Engineering Holly Selvig Landscape Architecture Neila Hutt Interior Design Garden Design by Annabelle Reber (Client) Photography Cesar Rubio Photography Back to top

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