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    PLAYSTUDIOS SAN FRANCISCO PlayStudios made the decision to move from the Peninsula to downtown, reducing their square footage but doubling-down on a location that put them alongside premier VC firms, and being in an urban center that partners wanted to visit. After the lease was signed, Studio BBA was brought in to refresh the space into something nearly unrecognizable. Walking into this space, fronting fabulous South Park in San Francisco, it would have been perfect as-is if you were seeking an industrial steam-punk office. That vibe did not align with the brand and identity standards of online gaming company PlayStudios—where they emerged as a light and bright brand in hospitality forward Las Vegas. The program and use of each space was inspired by an activity based workplace—the hybrid office allows heads-down focus work to happen at home, and brings the office to an activated social role in their workplace culture. This shift was to help create a magnet rather than mandate to return to office. To make the most of the leased area, Studio BBA helped to convert the very low storage loft into a cozy gaming lounge with low to the floor individual seats arced around the console system, and a nearby round table for board games. We were told a sweet story after the project completed, that a group of the staff get together on Saturdays to use the game table. Pride of place has attracted not just their staff, but friends, family and extended networks. Emphasizing play, Tinkering Monkey and the PlayStudios team brought our vision to life, creating an interactive art installation that makes you pause to play with an analog View-Master toy to view PlayStudios’ original art created by their illustrators. The art installation is just one layer of the detail attended to the accessories. Furniture selections with complimenting pillows, to planters and their plants, lamps, rugs, and a toiletry program to add a level of care to the restroom. Juxtaposing the minimal and bright design of the space, Studio BBA designed a plant program to extend the park on their doorstep in through the folding glass door façade, layering life into the office. Size: Contractor: Collaborator: 2695 SF GCI RDI | Furniture Tinkering Monkey | Art + Signage Photography: Jasper Sanidad Client Website: PlayStudios Design Team: Vishnu Balunsat Bonnie Bridges Back to Projects page Back to top


    ASHBURY HEIGHTS HOUSE SAN FRANCISCO A single family residence in San Francisco that is under construction. BBA Team Vishnu Balunsat Samantha Buckley Bonnie Bridges Size 945 SF Contractor Collaborators Photography Back to Projects page Back to top


    AUBURN HOUSE AUBURN Set on 100 acres in the Sierra Foothills, the Auburn House embodies the simple, casual and hardy spirit of a modern farmhouse. Through its orientation, sustainable systems and material palette, the home embodies the pastoral and inspiring landscape of lakes, blue oaks, manzanitas and grasses. Anchored into the natural slope of the terrain through a board-form concrete retaining wall, the house is quietly positioned between the idyllic stream-fed lake below and rocky granite outcropping above. The concrete wall’s earthen thermal mass cools the interior, crucial to mitigating the dry, hot summers. On the north side of the house two dormers pop up to allow for picture views toward the rocky terrain. These, along with the operable skylights throughout the house, supply passive cooling and ventilation and diffused natural light. The compact, 2,700 SF house has two wings: the public wing that includes living/dining/kitchen, wine cellar, pantry and powder room, and the private wing that consists of the master suite, media room and guest bedroom. This wing is slightly canted to capture views of a large cluster of native blue oaks. A large, linear patio connects the two wings with outdoor lounge areas, garden beds, cedar trellis and a deep overhang on the south side offering shade for relaxation and family gatherings. A 75-foot lap pool parallels the patio and reflects the native oak landscape. Meandering paths crisscross the site and invite tranquil walking meditation. BBA Team Stephanie Griffith Bonnie Bridges Size 2,700 SF Contractor Saturn Construction Collaborators Photography Studio BBA Bruce Damonte Back to Projects page Back to top


    PARK PADEL SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO A luxe and approachable 6-court Padel club with new locker rooms, retail, court viewing areas and soft seating lounges is currently under construction for Park Padel in South San Francisco. Back to Projects page Client Park Padel BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Samantha Buckley Size 26,000 SF Contractor Principal Builders Inc Collaborators Structural: Spectrum Engineering Photography Studio BBA Back to top


    BERNAL HEIGHTS HOUSE SAN FRANCISCO Form and function exist hand-in-hand in this joy-filled modern home. An intricately detailed dwelling for a tight-knit family of four, the Bernal Heights House boasts inspired finishes, strategic placemaking and conceptually rich accents throughout. An homage to the dad’s family home in Australia, designed by his architect-father, Studio BBA conceived of a “rescue house.” “Memories of the outside world will never have the same tonality as those of home and, by recalling these memories, we add to our store of dreams; we are never real historians , but always near poets , and our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of a poetry that was lost.” -Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space An all-too-true San Francisco story applies here; after searching for years for a new home, the family finally settled on one in terrible shape and with few resources left for a renovation. Through a strategic design exercise, Studio BBA assisted the family in a new design approach, circumventing the Planning Department by staying within the building’s envelope and expanding down. Coupled with the necessary foundation upgrade, the new lower level added minimal work for maximum opportunities. The program is split between three floors: a lower floor for parents, a middle floor for the family, and an attic floor for the kids. The levels are tied together and enveloped in wood: a douglas fir slatted ceiling above and a white oak hardwood floor below. The wood detailing visually extends as an outdoor canopy, integrating the outdoor bathing and lounging space adjacent to the master suite. Studio BBA took advantage of every nook to achieve function and beauty. The Welcome Niche at the top of the stairs provides a place for everyday objects, serving platters, and family games. Open wood shelves display Australian heirlooms and family artworks. Efficiently planned kitchens and baths host colorful tile and new daylight via two added skylights and large sliding doors. Added space even allowed for an upright piano in the dining room. Like all BBA projects, sustainability is inherent to the design and integrated into every design detail; this house is solar powered and offers radiant heating on two floors, leaving the attic uncontrolled because the building envelope is tightened and heat naturally rises. Our design work continues with a new garden project and mural in the stairwell. BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Megan McGuinn Size 1,890 SF Contractor Elliot Build Remodel Collaborators Semco Engineering Photography Brian McCloud Photography Back to Projects page Back to top


    SEBASTOPOL HOUSE WEST SONOMA Currently under construction, Sebastopol House is a single family home with a pool and pool house. BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Stephanie Griffith Size ​ Contractor Saturn Construction Collaborators Knoll Herman Miller | Furniture Pritchard Peck | Lighting Design Semco Engineering | Structural Daniel Nolan Design/Kalman Varga Design | Landscape Design Photography Back to Projects page Back to top


    PAJARO DUNES HOUSE WATSONVILLE We’ve worked closely with this client over a number of years to create and implement a thoughtful, site-specific design vision for rejuvenating this coastal vacation property, where their extended family congregates. Built right on the sand, this 3-story mid-century house was originally designed by Walter Thomas Brooks—with a futurist upside-down pyramid conceived of as a spaceship landing in the dunes. Its unconventional form, simple materials and proximity to the ocean left the structure a victim of erosion, corrosion and water drainage issues. We began with a big picture, phased master plan to address the conservation and preservation issues in tandem with renovations, and a design strategy that always considers the Brooks’ iconic detailing, the era and the beach atmosphere (both physically and conceptually). Durability is also an integral criteria—to weather the elements, as well as active family use and large gatherings. The new material palette references the surrounding landscape with a base of earthy tones and pops of vibrant colors—in lava stone, mahogany, bronze, copper, integral color plaster. We introduced a custom brown-gray color on the exterior to offset the bright beach environment and new landscaping; identified by observing the variety of hues and surfaces on site throughout the year. Inside we developed the design room by room—embracing the charm and history of existing elements, and using the perspective of time to ensure the right blend of lasting solutions. Kitchen cabinet doors were rebuilt in place using a custom distressed stainless steel panel, mahogany rails and new hardware. The custom blackened steel, LED fixture was designed to relate to the ceiling’s existing beam pattern. The interiors scope included custom window treatments, pillows, linens, rug and upholstery. On the lower level we renovated the bathroom with a door to the outside, where the sunken patio with new outdoor shower greets the family’s return from the beach; discreetly screened by a custom mahogany gate with louvers. Continual hand-troweled wall plaster runs from the outside in, enhancing the connection. A wall garden of stainless steel and felt is soon to be installed—made in BBA’s Cedar Alley workshop—as well as new planter boxes we designed to reference an original, unbuilt design by Brooks. BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Seth Boor Size 2,500 SF Contractor Collaborators Photography Studio BBA Back to Projects page Back to top


    HAYES VALLEY HOUSE SAN FRANCISCO A single newly completed single family home in San Francisco. More information to come. BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Stephanie Griffith Size 1052 SF Contractor Saturn Construction Collaborators Photography Jason Campbell Client Back to Projects page Back to top


    THE MILL SAN FRANCISCO The Mill is a new joint venture café, from the hearts, minds and hands of Josey Baker Bread and Fourbarrel Coffee . In the collaborative spirit of much of Studio BBA’s work, the making of The Mill was a true collective design and construction process. The target inspiration for this design was “everyone’s first San Francisco kitchen” – that initial bright, messy, warm space that came with your first real apartment. It was probably at the very end of long Victorian, maybe in The Mission. It probably had good light even though the laundry porch was in the way. It was where all your friends crammed together during parties, and the place you probably spent the most time on weekend mornings. A mixed palette of woods—white oak, doug fir and ash—with white-on-white finishes is inspired by, and meant to inspire the feel of, the welcoming, homestyle kitchen. Natural light filters from the multiple skylights through the ceiling beams to the café tables, and is concentrated over the bakery and barista work area through a custom light soffit. Reclaimed douglas fir cabinetry and white wall tile both follow a herringbone pattern, subtly articulating the space. Back to Projects page Client The Mill BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Seth Boor Sarah Fucinaro Size 2,300 SF Contractor Roman Hunt, Jeremy Tooker & Crew Collaborators Millworker: Alex Palecko Photography Bruce Damonte Back to top


    CREDO BEAUTY SAN FRANCISCO Credo Beauty hired Studio BBA to design a flagship store that embodies their mission­—providing a transparent, welcoming way for people to access authentic natural beauty products—and that radiates their down-to-earth, inclusive, friendly culture. Studio BBA looked to the rejuvenating feel of gardens and greenhouses, combined with the comfort of a parlor, for further inspiration. The expansive, operable glass storefront beckons visitors into the store’s generous entry alcove and open interior. Added skylights illuminate the space, making visible the whole store from the street. Neutral wall surfaces in textured plaster create a warm, comfortable environment that keeps the attention on the people and products within, punctuated by pops of Credo’s brand color and a few unique sculptural plants. Seasonal, changeable display casework and shelving is modular and has the flexibility to evolve over time, to accommodate varied stocking strategies and new product development. Mobile beauty stations and a more intimate seating area at back allow for personal consultations. Back to Projects page Client Credo Beauty BBA Team Bonnie Bridges Stephanie Griffith Size 1,400 SF Contractor Jeff King & Company Collaborators Brand Identity: Hatch Photography Nicholas V. Ruiz Back to top

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