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Architecture and the City: Why Offices Still Matter

Whether a company is remote, hybrid, or going in person, there will always be a fundamental need for human connection and creative collaboration.

In September of 2023, we led a panel discussion between clients, architects, and real estate professionals to learn how some companies have shifted their work environments in a post covid world. The three companies we spoke with specifically were Thumbtack, Argonaut, and Playstudios. All of who's offices were designed by Studio BBA.

The discussion included:

  1. The role of architecture and design amidst a global pandemic and effect on future of the workplace

  2. The role that a physical space plays in company strategy and any changes to that strategy since the pandemic

  3. Ways that these companies' new office design helped employees stay connected and engaged

  4. Ways that their offices have dealt with issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion

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